Pan Am Railways

Pan Am Railways is the current name of the Guilford Rail System, the branding name of Guilford Transportation Industries (GTI). Before being re-branded as Pan Am Railways in 2006, the lines collectively known as ‘Guilford’ were made up of lines formerly belonging to the Springfield Terminal, Maine Central and Boston and Maine railroads. The Maine Central and Portland Terminal were purchased in 1981, the Boston and Maine in 1983 and Delaware and Hudson in 1984. Four years later Guilford pulled out of the D&H, declaring bankruptcy and the line was sold to CP Rail in 1991. Controversial and often costly disputes with labor unions, customers, regulatory agencies and even States have dotted the history of Guilford in the 35 years that the company has been involved with New England railroading. Although the exact reason is not known, the re-branding to Pan Am Railways in 2006 was the first major name change since the Guilford purchase of each company. Although the individual railroads retain ownership, reporting marks, locomotives and cars of their respective parts of the Pan Am Railways system, crews, locomotives, cars and assets are moved throughout the system as needed.

Pan Am Locomotive Roster